Patrick Stewart Teaches the 'Quadruple Take' in Viral Video

Henry Baker
August 28, 2013
Patrick Stewart Teaches the 'Quadruple Take' in Viral Video

Sir Patrick Stewart is known for playing strong, wise characters in movies, on television and onstage. In a recent video on YouTube, however, he plays the part of acting teacher and teaches a technique that might not even exist: the quadruple take.

Stewart begins by saying that we have all seen single takes, double takes, and triple takes, but he is here to teach something new and a little different. He then goes on to demonstrate the move, using a bawdy phrase as a trigger. His finale is not quite perfect — I count five takes — but it is strangely endearing.

The video was recorded by Stewart's fiancée and posted to YouTube last night. Her feet are even prominently featured, adding to the unusual nature of theclip. Some in the media have suggested that perhaps illicit substances were involved in its creation. But those online, even on YouTube, where comments often take a turn for the offensive, were in awe of the performance.