Panhandler pranks subway full of people with unusual speech

Mia Fitzharris

Hat tip to College Humor. They've done it again.

It looked like any other subway car during a morning commute. Bored passengers, noises of the train and a panhandler, cup in hand. But instead of holding his cup out for change, he explains that he has just finished his latte and refuses to litter.

Cue passengers' confused looks. Instead of explaining how he had run into a string of bad luck, he boasts about how his family has just upgraded houses and how his daughter recently got a full ride to an Ivy League school. He then references his own situation: "I used to have a job at a financial institution, but now I have an even better job at that same financial institution. I got a promotion. I may buy a boat."

Passengers start looking around as if to say, "Is anyone else hearing this?"

The faux panhandler starts showing pictures of his family and their vacation to the Grand Canyon. He then recommends the Grand Canyon as a great family vacation. Passengers start to smile.

Throughout the ride, the faux panhandler never asks for money, and he closes his act by asking for congratulations and high-fives.

He gets his high-fives. And some passengers even jump up to give him big chest bumps, hugs and fist pounds. The seemingly bored passengers were all smiles by the time they reached their destination.

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