Outrage Over ‘Intimate’ TSA Pat-Down, Gay Pride Takes Twitter, and a Secret Celebrity Wedding Spikes in Search

Adriana Diaz
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Twitter is up in arms after TSA agents made a 95-year-old woman remove her adult diaper during an enhanced private pat-down in Florida. The woman, who is in a wheelchair, was going through the TSA's mandatory pat-down of people in wheelchairs. According to her daughter, the agents said "they felt something suspicious on (her mother's) leg and they couldn't determine what it was." They escorted the mother to a private room for a more thorough inspection when a TSA agent said she needed to remove her Depend undergarment. The TSA has said its agents "acted professionally and according to procedure." According to CNN, the woman's daughter burst into tears during the incident but said her mother "was very calm." The mother and daughter were on their way to Michigan so the mother, who has leukemia, could stay with relatives before eventually going to an assisted-living facility. The woman's daughter told CNN that her mother had to have a blood transfusion just to be strong enough to travel. Outrage over the incident took hold of Twitter. One person called the news "un-freaking-believable," and another said, "The more I looked at the story, the angrier I got." This incident comes just a week after the TSA announced planned policy changes of enhanced pat-downs of children aged 12 and younger. You might remember the backlash the agency endured after a video of a 6-year-old being patted down in New Orleans was posted to YouTube. Last year the government announced a ramp-up of security inspections in the country's airports, after a man with a bomb allegedly sewn in his underwear tried to blow up a plane during Christmas 2009.

"Gay pride" and "gay marriage" were trending all weekend on Twitter as gay pride parades kicked off around the world Sunday and on the heels of New York legalizing gay marriage Friday night. Gay pride supporters broke attendance records in parades across the country. More than half a million people turned out for New York's gay pride festival, and roughly 750,000 attended the event in Chicago, a 50 percent increase from last year in the Windy City. Festivals from Istanbul to San Francisco were documented in thousands of pictures on Twitter. Tweets about events were mostly positive and ecstatic, and they were about how much fun people were having at parades. One parade onlooker said, "Watching my gay friends enjoy Pride truly fills my heart with love and happiness. Also reminded me I was out of glitter." Another tweeter said there is "so much to celebrate!" But not everyone was celebrating. In Chicago, vandals slashed the tires of 51 parade floats before the city's festival.

Actress Rachel Weisz can now introduce herself as "Bond, Mrs. Bond." The actress, who won an Oscar for her role in "The Constant Gardener," married James Bond star Daniel Craig in a secret wedding in New York City. The couple, who star together in the upcoming film "Dream House," married at a friend's house in a ceremony attended by four people (Weisz's son, Craig's daughter, and two friends). After the news broke, Yahoo!  searches for both Weisz and Craig spiked off the charts. Searches for Weisz jumped more than 1,000 percent. That's more than twice the amount of searches for her new hubby, whose name jumped 386 percent in Search. Although women are often seen as gobblers of wedding news, a higher percentage of men are looking up both actors on Yahoo!.

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