Orphaned Baby Tiger, Hyena, and Lions Rescued by Hotel Owner

Melissa Knowles
Orphaned Baby Tiger, Hyena, and Lions Rescued by Hotel Owner

An unlikely bond has been formed among five baby animals. The mothers of three lions, a tiger, and a spotted hyena abandoned them -- leaving them with a bleak chance of survival.

Thankfully for the cubs, Layla Cajee, the owner of Akwaaba Lodge in Rustenburg, South Africa, took them in at birth and has been raising them together ever since.

Cajee said all the animals were born in the lodge and explained that she had to adopt each one after it was rejected for being the runt of its litter.

The orphans share the same living enclosure and interact during mealtime. Cajee said they fight over food and that the dominant one will sometimes take food from the others. After mealtime, they have been known to cuddle together for a nap.

But, just like any other pack of siblings, each cub has its own unique personality.

Five-month-old Bella, the tiger, is the leader of the pack. The three lions -- Delano, Romeo, and Maximus, who are the same age as Bella -- are all shy. Six-month-old Milika, the hyena, is the most mischievous in the bunch.

The cute and cuddly cubs will eventually grow into predators and will be placed in separate enclosures.

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