Orchestra of Car Alarms Stuns Onlookers

Melissa Knowles

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April Fool's Day has come and gone this year, but pranks are possible all year long. A New York-based pranking collective, Improv Everywhere, just organized a Car Alarm Symphony, and the video of the event is getting lots of attention.

Famous for filling a Best Buy with people dressed in the same clothes as employees and for invading busy Grand Central Terminal with living "statues," Improv Everywhere may have just pulled off the loudest joke ever.

The group gathered 100 volunteers to park their cars outside a shopping mall. Each of the volunteers stood behind a brick wall and held the keyless-entry remote to their cars. At the direction of the group's leader, Charlie Todd, they pressed the panic/alarm buttons simultaneously. Bystanders didn't seem to know what to make of the chaos.

Todd said he came up with the idea years ago. He produced the project as a part of Improv Everywhere's Guggenheim exhibit, Stillspotting NYC. In the agreement, one project must be completed within each of the five boroughs of New York City. Todd said that Staten Island was the ideal location for the Car Alarm Symphony because, unlike Manhattan, it has a lot of large parking lots.

Improv Everywhere's slogan, "We Cause Scenes," certainly seems to fit with their latest stunt.


Usually when there's a story about a pit bull in the news, it is not a good one. However, Lilly, a pit bull in New Jersey, may help lift their bad reputation.

When Lilly's owner, Dona Timoney of Beachwood, went for a walk in the park, she suddenly fell to the ground (the cause has yet to be determined). That's when Lilly sprang into action. The dog wandered around the park until she found a good Samaritan, Frank Delarosa. Lilly led Delarosa back to where Timoney was lying unconscious, but breathing.

Timoney was airlifted to a local hospital. Delarosa said that the back of Timoney's car was full of dog bones and treats. She had rescued Lilly a year ago from a bad situation in North Carolina. Now Lilly has returned the favor.