One Mattress Saved a Cyclist, While Another Caught a Falling Child

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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We can hashtag today's show #MattressSaves. Sure, they can be soft and comfortable, and some apparently let you jump on them with glasses of red wine just feet away. But it's rare that in the span of a couple of days, mattresses play hero in two separate stories.

First, we have one unlucky cyclist whose unfortunate run-in with a speeding truck ended a lot better than it could have. Not much is known about the video, but it was taken from the security camera of a driving school. It portrays the view of a normal street, until one sees a cyclist come into view. Immediately, he's sideswiped by a truck. You would think that was just the beginning of the pain, but then something amazing happens. A poorly attached mattress flies off the truck, buttressing the fall of the cyclist and giving him quite a nice landing pad. In the aftermath, he's able to stand and walk away, and it even looks like his bicycle is OK.

A couple days later in Burbank, California, this time it was a box spring that helped out. Konrad and Jennifer Lightner were moving out of their apartment, carrying some items to a truck in an alleyway behind their apartment. They noticed that two children upstairs were throwing toys out of the window of an apartment nearby. The situation turned worse as they noticed that one of the kids, a 3-year-old boy, was climbing out of the third -story window above them. Konrad was able to catch the boy and quickly lower him on to the box spring, saving the boy from harm. Neighbors informed the child's parents of what had happened, and they immediately rushed outside to thank the Lightners.

So whether it's a Serta or Spring Air, have you thanked you mattress today?

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