OK Go Releases New Music Video That Might Blow Your Mind

Ralphie Aversa
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Fans of indie rock outfit OK Go have grown accustomed to innovative music videos that differ visually from anything else online. The Chicago quartet does not stray from that trademark trait in its new piece for the song "The Writing's on the Wall."

OK Go's latest music video premiered via Rolling Stone and was published to YouTube on Tuesday. The magazine reports that it was filmed over a three-week period in Brooklyn, needing 50 takes before it was finished.

For four minutes and 17 seconds, the quartet moves through a set using a number of illusions. Boxes that look small and two-dimensional suddenly seem larger and shape into multiple dimensions; one band member appears to be riding a bike upside down on a ceiling; mirrors are used for people to enter and exit the camera view throughout the video.

"It was important to me that we didn't add a layer of meaning that's not already there," lead singer Damian Kulash, who co-directed the video, explained to Rolling Stone. "We wanted to be able to have messages in there, but I didn't want them going throughout the entire song in [a] way that would make you feel like you were reading the whole time."

The video utilizes illusions right until the last scene, when crew members for the piece look as if they are walking out of a painting from a wall with the song's title. It has been viewed about three million times.

Other popular OK Go productions include the Rube Goldberg Machine version of "This Too Shall Pass," with more than 43 million views. It was the synchronized treadmill routine for "Here It Goes Again" that first launched the band into YouTube fame. That video has since been viewed 21 million times. "The Writing's on the Wall" is available on OK Go's EP "Upside Out" and will appear on the band's full-length album "Hungry Ghosts," due this October.