NYC Woman Using Power of the Internet to Unite 69-Year-Old Letter With Rightful Owner

Melissa Knowles
NYC Woman Using Power of the Internet to Unite 69-Year-Old Letter With Rightful Owner

The Internet has become a vital tool for reconnecting lost objects with their rightful owners. You might remember the story of Todd Bieber, who helped return a roll of film filled with pictures to New York City tourists, traveling all the way to Paris to do so. Now, Bieber's friend Abbi Jacobson needs some help.

Jacobson recently received a letter delivered to her apartment in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood. However, the letter was not intended for her; it was addressed to someone who lived in the apartment in 1944. The letter was sent by Joseph O. Matthews to his wife on December 2, 1944. And it had already been opened.

On receiving the letter and realizing how old it was, Jacobson said, "Imagine getting this. I was like, this is crazy!"

Jacobson is searching for the owner of the letter, or at least the owner's family members so that she can give it to them. She started her search at the municipal archives. After searches at historical societies and libraries yielded zero results, Jacobson has decided to turn to the Web for help.

She has set up a website called LostLetterProject and has created the Twitter hashtag #LostLetterProject for people to use to submit tips and any helpful information they may have. In addition, she has set up a Facebook page to help with the search.

Here are some clues from the 69-year-old letter:

1. The couple lived at 126 MacDougal Street, Apt. 3D.

2. Matthews was living in North Carolina when he sent the letter.

3. The letter mentions a couple named Charlotte and Bud Morris.

Here's hoping that the Internet can come together and help Jacobson find the rightful owner of the long-lost letter.

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