NYC Storm Creates Social Media Flood

Melissa Knowles
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The storm that hit New York City yesterday brought with it a torrential downpour, large hailstones, and earth-shattering thunder and lightning. The unusual summer storm caused trees to fall, delayed planes all over the East Coast, and left commuters and tourists scrambling for canopy space as they walked the streets. On the bright side, the storm ended up becoming a great photo opportunity.

Thousands of people uploaded storm images on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. Even former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann shared one particularly dramatic photo of lightning striking what he identified as the Bloomberg building, noting that "no mayors were injured in the making of this photo." However, one of the most shared images was taken through an airplane window by former New York Giants linebacker Dhani Jones. He took the picture with Instagram and then uploaded it to Twitter.

This is not the first time a photograph taken from the window of an airplane received a lot of attention. You might remember a famous image of Space Shuttle Endeavor taken last May by Stefanie Gordon. Gordon was napping on a flight from New York to Palm Beach; she woke up just in time to snap the pic. After it was uploaded to Twitpic, the image went viral. NASA retweeted it, and then media requests began to pour in.

This just goes to show that amateur photos taken with amazing apps can have quite the impact. So get to snapping.


Legos were a big part of childhood for many of us. But rarely does a love of Legos carry into adulthood. When it does -- as in the case of Reddit user "I Can Lego That" whose real name is Alex Ayler -- the results can be sensational.

A month ago Ayler started a thread titled, "I Make Movie Scenes out of Legos." The gallery has become a hit. It includes re-creations of films such as "Inception," "The Godfather," and "Indiana Jones." Ayler has also dropped in on random threads in Reddit to leave images that correspond to the comments.

In an "Ask Reddit" category asking users about their random skills and talents, Ayler replied, "I can lego things." He followed it up with a photo of a mind-bending Lego version of M.C. Escher's "Relativity." Ayler has even shared details of his collection, providing photos of how he painstakingly organizes the toys. He describes himself as a hobbyist and documents most of his work on Flickr.