Nine-Year-Old’s ‘Kid President’ Pep Talk Video Goes Viral

Mia Trovato

The Web is filled with inspirational videos urging you to get up and do something meaningful with your life. Now the advice is coming from the tiniest of motivational speakers, a 9-year-old kid from Tennessee known as Kid President.

The videos began as a family joke, but they've blossomed into a viral sensation. His latest "A Pep Talk From Kid President" is filled with simple wisdom on tough issues , humorously delivered, of course. For example:

"It's like that dude Journey said, 'Don't stop believing …' Unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream."

The pep-talk video has garnered more than 2.6 million views in five days. It was uploaded to YouTube by Soul Pancake, the production and development company headed by "The Office's" Rainn Wilson; and other celebs, like Ryan Seacrest, Nick Cannon, and Olivia Wilde, have shown love for the suit-and-tie-wearing star on Twitter.

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