Nikki Boyer of ‘Daytime in No Time’ Stops by ‘Trending Now’

Melissa Knowles
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We are switching things up a bit today, and instead of just doing our normal episode of "Trending Now," we had a little gabfest with "Daytime in No Time" host Nikki Boyer.

The first story we chatted about involves a dad doing something extraordinary for his son. Daniel Sherrouse, who runs the blog All We Have Is Gravity, created a spaceship simulator in his backyard for his 1-year-old son, Noah. The spaceship is outfitted with an air-conditioning unit and a space-adventure video game called Pioneer, and has plenty of features for Noah to explore.

Sherrouse uploaded pictures of his out-of-this-world creation to Reddit and wrote, "I hope that it inspires him to have a lifelong love of science and wonder." People love what Sherrouse did for his son, as well as how he's encouraging him.

Our second story focused on this hilarious new prank video of people Instagramming other people's food -- yes, strangers' food, not their own. I'm guilty of taking pictures of my food and sharing them with the world, but I've never gone out and photographed what other people are eating. The group of pranksters who created the video regularly publish videos on 'Hungry,' a YouTube channel.

People's reactions vary in the video. Some people are totally game for it, while others want nothing to do with the pranksters. In the end, it's all in good fun, and the guys from 'Hungry' do make it look interesting.

It was such a pleasure sharing the studio with Nikki today, and we can't wait to have her back again.

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