News Anchor Rants About Viewers' Photos of Snow-Covered Patios

Henry Baker

We all know that the high-altitude peaks and valleys of Colorado become a winter wonderland this time of year. But along with that snowcapped majesty comes a lot of complaints. However, news anchor Kyle Clark of Denver's KUSA has a gripe unrelated to icy roads and frigid toes, and he devoted a special segment on a recent broadcast to airing it. In the segment, Clark implores viewers to stop sending in photos of their snowy patios. The station receives a multitude of pictures taken of people's patio furniture, and Clark spends more than two minutes proving it, with image after image of snow-laden tables, chairs and outdoor grills. But Clark's speech is not merely a message about frigid photography taken from the comfort of a living room or kitchen — it is a call to arms, an inspiring plea for KUSA's viewers to do better. He asks them to at least put props, like dogs or family members, into the photos, and it's all the better if the pictures are action shots. He builds to a grand finale, saying, "If we asked you for pictures of springtime, would you really send us a photo of your skis in a closet? No, it's depressing. Come on, Colorado, we love winter. We own winter." People on the Web are huge fans of Clark's editorial, writing things like "Kyle Clark, you are too funny for evening news" and sharing their own complaints about snowy patio pics. Despite Clark's segment, however, KUSA management notes that the station will continue to accept, and feature, viewers' photos of outdoor furniture covered in snow.

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