New sport “Bubble Soccer” bursts onto the scene.

New sport “Bubble Soccer” bursts onto the scene.

Concerned about concussions in soccer? Join a bubble team.

It’s exactly what it sounds like — soccer, played in a bubble.

Invented in 2011 by Norwegian comedians Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden, bubble soccer is, surprisingly, one of the world’s fastest-growing sports — according to the National Association of Bubble Soccer.

The game has six- to seven-minute quarters with five to eight players on each side, depending on the field.

It may seem like all fun and games, but the bubbles are deceptively heavy — they weigh  as much as 30 pounds — and players must shuffle around the field without the help of momentum from their arms.

The most frequently reported injuries are twisted ankles and sore necks. There are no figures on the numbers of bubbles burst, though.

You can tune into the official Bubble Bowl this fall on ESPN or Telemundo.