Musician Jason Isbell Kicks Out Violent Concertgoer in Best Possible Way

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Musician Jason Isbell Kicks Out Violent Concertgoer in Best Possible Way

A concertgoer in Madison, Wis. found himself ejected from a show earlier this month thanks in part to the performer on stage.

Jason Isbell is an alt-country music singer and songwriter. He’s known as the once lead singer of the Drive-By Truckers and for his solo work. The Green Hill, Ala.-born artist released his fourth solo album, Southeastern, last June. The LP was recorded after a stint in rehab and was met with favorable reviews.

Isbell is now touring the country in support of his latest project. He performed inside the Barrymore Theatre in Madison on February 7. About 30 seconds in to a Drive-By Truckers song, “Never Gonna Change,” he abruptly stops the performance.

“Hey! Cut that s--- out!” he yells in to the microphone at a group of fans who are presumably fighting. “You don’t come to a show and fight people!”

The people in the crowd that Isbell called out attempt to explain the situation from the seats. Isbell is having none of it.

“I’m about to get all ya’ll thrown out,” he threatens before inquiring, “Is it that guy? Somebody come over here and take this man outside.”

Isbell is remarkably rational throughout the ordeal. He doesn’t budge on his decision but does offer to refund the man his money.

“Ain’t nothing you can do about it now,” he tells him. “You gonna have to go.”

Another person in attendance, about six rows from the stage, filmed the whole sequence. The video made its way to YouTube five days after the concert. It has about 20,000 views.

“Sorry about that but yeah, ya’ll can’t put up with that stuff at a show, ” Isbell concludes. “We’ll start that over. You get about 30 seconds of free music tonight.”

The crowd laughs, and to their enjoyment, Isbell and company launch back in to “Never Gonna Change."