Movie Spoof Mashes Up 'Gravity' With Trip to Ikea

David Matthews

Moviegoers were treated to a whole host of flicks this fall featuring their favorite Hollywood stars facing some serious adversity. Whether it was Robert Redford facing off against the ocean in "All Is Lost," Tom Hanks getting abducted by pirates in the docudrama "Captain Phillips," or Sandra Bullock and George Clooney getting lost in space in the box-office smash "Gravity," the fall movie season has been all about one thing: survival. Naturally, the genre of hyper-intense and realistic thrillers has become rife with parody.

"Saturday Night Live" was one of the first to satirize the genre with a sketch, but New York-based comedian and performer Daniel Hubbard might have bested the long-running TV show with his short film that spoofs the trailer and story for "Gravity" by reimagining it as a harrowing trip to furniture superstore Ikea.

Co-starring Alex Viola, Hubbard's video, titled "Alfonso Cuaron's Ikea," lampoons several aspects of the shopping experience at the Swedish furniture emporium from the occasionally confusing layout, the merchandise names and quality, and the food available at the in-store dining area.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube recently, received more than 86,000 views so far and has been reposted and shared on sites such as College Humor and HyperVocal. Whether this will inspire future spoofs is unknown, but one thing is certain: You'll never look at the prospect of spending a weekend day buying ready-to-assemble furniture the same way again. Watch the full video below.

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