Motorcyclist Rescues Coffee Mug from Back of Car, Returns it to Driver

Henry Baker

We've all done it, right? Fumbling for keys, we set down a bag, snack, or coffee mug on the exterior of a car until we get inside. Then we just plain forget about it, and the item is gone moments later. But thanks to a very graceful move by a motorcyclist, one woman did not end up short a coffee mug. YouTube user Bossaucey uploaded helmet-cam footage from one of his rides, in which he came across a Ford Explorer with a coffee mug resting on the back bumper. The Good Samaritan act he pulled off next required both kindness and some serious biking skills.

Bossaucey approached the car from the left, grabbing the mug in one swoop. Then, after a swift right turn by the driver, the biker rode up alongside the car and caught her attention. After a quick window roll-down, the woman was reunited with her mug. She seems to say, "My daughter…" after being flabbergasted by the presence of the errant mug. The motorcyclist, for his part, shows just how pleased he was that he was able to pull it off by flashing some jazz hands for the camera after the job is done. He wrote in the video description, "Good deed accomplished!" That sounds about right.

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