Mother and Son Tell Their Story of Lamp Filled with Childhood Memories

Sarah Bernard
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When Grant Glassco got married on May 4 of this year, his mother, Liza, presented him with a unique, heartfelt gift from his childhood at his rehearsal dinner. Whenever Liza did her son's laundry, she took out whatever was in his pockets -- Nintendo GameBoy games, yo-yos, rocks -- and put it in a glass jar. To celebrate his nuptials, Liza filled a lamp with the collection of Grant's boyhood odds and ends. The story of Liza's extraordinary gift has become a huge hit on the Web, and in today's episode, we chat with Grant and Liz via Skype from their homes in Texas.

The whole collection was actually Liza's attempt to teach her son to empty his pockets. Once the items made it to the jar, you see, they stayed there. Grant says even though he could see his prized possessions staring back at him through the glass, he never attempted to retrieve them, fearing his mom's disapproval. It's a tradition he plans to continue with his own children someday.

Liza says she got the idea for the gift when she was shopping at Target and saw a lamp with a base that you could fill with all sorts of items. It seemed just right for Grant's treasures. The lamp now sits in her son's office, and though some folks on the Web have suggested that he smash the glass to hold his toys again, he has no such plans. Even his new wife is a fan of the gift.

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