Mother Sells Daughter's Katy Perry Tickets Online As Punishment for Bad Behavior

Zain Meghji

So your kid's misbehaving. How would you deliver the discipline?

Would you ground her? Take away her Internet access? Sell her tickets online for a concert with her fave pop star, with a little name-calling for extra measure?

In Fargo, North Dakota, Cindy Bjerke is drawing criticism for selling her daughter's Katy Perry tickets on Facebook as a punishment for her behavior.

Bjerke posted an ad to the Fargo/Moorhead Online Garage Facebook page under the headline "Spoiled Brat Daughter Doesn't Deserve These Tickets for Sale."

Though, Bjerke says, the post received 200 likes and several supportive comments, the page's administrator removed the ad, saying it distracts from the purpose of the page. But was the punishment too much, or too public?

Some members of the community have said, "It's a personal issue and should be handled privately" and "I don't think I'd go as far as publicly chastising my child for the whole world to see."

While Bjerke wanted to discipline her daughter, she didn't want to embarrass her, she said. She added, "It doesn't matter what side you're on, you're always wrong to somebody."

By the way, the tickets sold in five minutes.

What are your thoughts? Did Bjerke do right, or do you think she went too far, particularly with that colorful headline? Let us know in the comments below.