Mother’s ‘Newborn’ Photos for 13-Year-Old Adopted Son Go Viral

Mia Trovato

When new parents bring home their adorable baby from the hospital, they usually want to share their joy with the world. And lately, many people have hired professional photographers to capture their precious newborns' early days. But it's not only biological parents who want photos of their little ones -- nor do the kids have to be newborns to have a fun photo shoot celebrating their arrival.

Three years ago, Kelli Higgins of Crestview, Florida, had five biological children at home and was pregnant with a sixth. She and her husband then adopted two siblings, 5-year-old Chanya and 10-year-old Latrell. Last month, while the family sat around the dinner table, Higgins, a photographer, told the kids that she would be doing a newborn photo session. Latrell, who spent much of his youth in foster care, mentioned to his mother that he didn't have any baby photos of himself. That gave his 12-year-old sister Alycia an idea: Their mom should take "newborn" pictures of Latrell now, at age 13!

Amid laughter and fun, Higgins shot the images of Latrell as if he were a few weeks old. She said of the experience, "As we were taking photos of Latrell we were laughing so hard it was hard to get a single shot!" The images came out so well that she posted an announcement of sorts to her photography company's Facebook fanpage. The caption read, “Here's my sweet not so little Newborn! His name is Latrell and weighs 112lbs ;).” The post quickly went viral, garnering 13,000 likes, and it was shared more than 5,000 times. Commenters say they think the idea was brilliant and commend the Higgins family for the love they show to their beautiful children. Some commenters who were adoptive parents themselves wrote that they would love to have similar photos taken of their children. Sounds like a great business idea, Higgins!

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