Mom recreates the 'Matt Dancing Around the World' video

Ralphie Aversa
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Matt Harding gained YouTube fame for his "Where the Hell Is Matt?" videos, which show him dancing in countries around the world. A caption stating his location accompanies each clip. The videos started in 2005 and have received tens of millions of views.

Debbe Patterson posted a similar YouTube video on Monday. Like Harding, the British Columbia native travels to different parts of the world and breaks out a move or three. And like Harding, she is not afraid to stand in the middle of a crowd or encourage participation from those around her.

Patterson visited more than 20 countries and many more cities, as she made multiple stops in places like Italy and the U.S. On YouTube, Patterson said the video compilation took about a year and a half to film. Appropriately enough, it is scored to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance."

When a viewer asked Patterson which place was her favorite to dance in, she replied that "everywhere was great" but the two best places were Ecuador and Peru "because they just really got into it with me and had fun too."

The video is climbing towards 50,000 views and is gaining popularity thanks to Patterson's son posting it to Reddit. His mother is pleased with the reaction so far.

"You people are all so kind. I did this as a joke, a take off on 'where the hell is Matt' as I loved his videos so much," she explained. "Thank you for all the great comments. You made my day."

Now, back to the original question. Has anyone figured out where Matt is?