The Million Hoodie March, Titanoboa and China Coup Rumors: What’s Spiking (Thursday)

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  • Joel Shrum: Al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the killing of the American teacher in Yemen. Related Searches: proselytizing (p.m. update)
  • Walburga Stemmer: Adolf Hitler's favorite commander Erwin Rommel, the "Desert Fox" who relentlessly fought allied forces across North Africa in World War Two, was a hopeless romantic, extracts from love letters published in a German newspaper reveal Related Searches: Rommel (p.m. update)
  • Deryl Dedmon: Received two life sentences on state charges Wednesday for the June 2011 death of 47-year-old James Craig Anderson. (p.m. update)
  • Casey Anthony: Anthony, whose murder trial occupied headlines last summer, has announced that she plans to be baptized in order to mark a new beginning. Meanwhile, Anthony is serving probation for check fraud, and a civil suit filed by Zenaida Gonzalez against Anthony has been delayed until Jan. 2, 2013. Related Searches: Casey Anthony check fraud, Casey Anthony is guilty, Casey Anthony Hiding, Casey Anthony Baptism, Caylee Anthony
  • Clintonville: Mysterious subterranean booms continue to unsettle residents of Clintonville, Wisc. The booms and ground shaking have continued for several days and are still unexplained. Related Searches: audio of Clintonville booming, Clintonville boom theories, Clintonville earthquake cause
  • Pope Benedict XVI: Pope Benedict XVI is scheduled to visit Mexico and Cuba on a trip that begins Friday. The pope's arrival in Mexico is expected to be clouded by a new book that alleges that internal documents are evidence that the Vatican had knowledge that the Mexican founder of the Legion of Christ religious order was a drug addict and pedophile.


  • Vantiv: The third-party payment processor's stock gained $2.20, or 12.9 percent, to $19.20 in morning trading on Thursday after trading as high as $19.53 earlier in the session. (p.m. update)
  • Keystone Pipeline: President Obama is scheduled for a stop in Cushing, Okla., where he is expected to discuss an expedited approval process for a section of the controversial pipeline.
  • Oil Prices: Oil prices are lower amid predictions that growth in China may be less than expected in 2012, and Saudi Arabia promises increased supply. But this has not quelled speculation that prices will continue to rise.



  • Tulisa Contostavlos: Her admission that she was featured in a "sex tape" with a former boyfriend contradicts a public denial issued on behalf of the X Factor judge, which insisted it was "100 per cent fake". Related Searches: Tulisa Contostavlos Sex Tape, Tulisa Contostavlos Video, Tulis (PM update)
    El Debarge : The 80s music star was arrested in Encino on suspicion of drug possession with intent to sell. (p.m. update)
  • Baptiste Giabiconi: The French singer and model is reportedly dating Katy Perry. Related Searches: Baptiste Giabiconie (p.m. update)
  • Jessica Biel: Jessica Biel has been cast as Vera Miles for upcoming film "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho." Related Searches: Jessica Biel Psycho , Jessica Biel Psycho Shower
  • Dianna Agron: "Glee" actress Agron reportedly has the amorous attention of Sebastian Stan, Tim Tebow, and Bobby Ryan.
  • Billy Joel: "American Idol" contestants performed songs by Billy Joel during Top 10 week.
  • Hugh Hefner's Son: Hef's 21-year-old son, Marston, pled no contest to domestic violence charges and has been sentenced to a 52-week domestic violence program.
  • Kim Zolciak: The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star is pregnant and expecting her second child with husband Kroy Biermann.



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