Michael Yo Joins Trending Now to Chat About Hiccupping Meteorologist

Melissa Knowles

This has been the week of interviews and co-hosts for Trending Now. On Monday, we had Brian Stelter, author of the much-talked-about "Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV," as our in-studio guest. Wednesday, we were pleased to be joined by Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone on NBC's "The Office." So what better way to help bring this week to a close than having one of Yahoo!'s very own, Michael Yo, host of "The Yo! Show" and a correspondent for omg! Insider to co-host the show.

Yo and I both happen to be from Houston, Texas, and while we did not know each other growing up on the humid streets of "H-town," we were able to connect on a lot of things, including watching local TV in Houston. Therefore, it's fitting that today, the viral video we discussed comes to us courtesy of KHOU in Houston.

Meteorologist David Paul had an unfortunate case of the hiccups that started as he was beginning the live broadcast. After the anchors at the news desk toss to Paul, he begins to give local residents the forecast, but then suddenly he hiccups. He says "Excuse me" and continues with his report.

Because Houston is experiencing flash flooding and heavy rainfall in some areas that day, the weather forecast is particularly important, so Paul has a lot to get through. He handles it with a lot of class and does not completely lose it, even though you can tell that he's a bit embarrassed. He even explains to the TV audience, "Excuse me. I have the hiccups. Of course this would happen right when we have heavy weather." You can even hear Paul trying to take a few deep breaths to relieve his hiccups, but to no avail. It continues all the way through his weather report.

Yo and I recalled our most embarrassing moments over the years in the broadcasting business. His involved Justin Timberlake, and mine involved Tim Tebow. It was such a pleasure to have Yo on Trending Now. We can't wait to have him back.

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