Meteorologist Storms Off During Live TV

Melissa Knowles

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What happens when a weatherman is sent out to cover a story and doesn't get enough time to give his weather report? Well, when KTLA meteorologist Henry DiCarlo's interview segment ran a bit longer than scheduled, instead of giving his weather forecast, he says, "I'm in the communications business, and it seems like there's so little communication." DiCarlo goes on, "When you send a weatherman out to do the weather, but you're also sending him to do a story, you might want to give him a little extra time." After explaining, "Sorry we don't have time for weather, folks. I'm just doing what I'm told," DiCarlo sends it back to the anchors in the studio. Megan Henderson and Chris Schauble appear stunned at DiCarlo's reaction, but they don't act like it didn't happen. Instead, Schauble asks, "Did Henry DiCarlo just have a fit on live TV?" Schauble even teases the meteorologist, saying, "Maybe we'll give him a little cheese to go with that whine."

For our next story, it's not easy to break a crazy world record, but a group of chefs in Russia was on a roll. Sixty chefs in Yekaterinburg constructed a sushi roll measuring over 1.5 miles! It took more than 15 hours to complete the impressive Japanese specialty! The sushi roll used 1.5 tons of rice, 14,000 pieces of seaweed, and 50 pounds of sesame seeds. And although the team surpassed the previous record set by the Council of Japanese Postal Workers Union in 2007, Guinness has not yet confirmed the new record. Spectators of the enormous sushi roll were offered a taste of the final product, as well as a free sushi-making lesson.