Meet Colonel Meow: Facebook’s Newest Overnight Celebrity

Melissa Knowles
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The newest Facebook star comes in feline form. Meet Colonel Meow, the housecat turned social media celebrity. Currently, the furry Seattle-based kitty has more than 10,000 likes on Facebook and a steadily growing following.  So how did Colonel Meow develop such a fan base?

Colonel Meow's owner, Ann Marie Avey, started a Facebook page for her companion when she decided that his personality -- which always kept her laughing -- should be shared with the masses. Colonel Meow's page has photos and videos of him with creative captions that highlight his eccentric qualities. One such caption reads, "My master is so happy that I have so many friends...what she calls 'friends' I call 'minions.'" Another caption reads, "Darth Vader is my idol, I want a kitty mask just like his."

Oh yeah, did I mention that he calls his fans and followers minions? Avey has even started a contest in Colonel Meow's honor. Fans are asked to submit photos of themselves with their favorite Colonel Meow facial expression, and "the most worthy will be chosen" as the Facebook cover for as long he sees fit.

Avey originally set up the fan page for Colonel Meow on August 9, after her friend, Kirsten Martin, posted a story about him on the Cheezburger in the 'Daily What' section.

As odd as it may seem to start a fan page for a cat, Avey insists, "I'm not a crazy cat lady, but this cat is crazy and fun." Apparently, Colonel Meow's fans are all for the fun. One person commented, "I always wanted to be a minion." Another wrote, "If this cat ever has mini me's, I so have dibs."

Colonel Meow's fifteen minutes of fame may have just started, but who's to say how long it will last?