Mayor’s Bizarre Family Christmas Photo Goes Viral

Melissa Knowles

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Right about now, you're probably starting to receive Christmas cards from friends and family. It's pretty safe to assume that most of them are adorned with candid shots of smiling faces, and some even have a picture of the newest addition to the family: a kid or man's best friend. Well a Christmas card from San Juan's mayor just earned him a spot on the famous blog "" The family Christmas card from Mayor Jorge Santini is not what you'd call an average holiday greeting. Santini and his family are pictured smiling standing behind a stuffed and mounted jaguar gripping a terrified antelope by the throat. But the strange pictures don't stop there. There's a series of photos featuring the family and their friends from nature: the Santini family with a bear and a large flying bird and an Antarctic scene with a penguin staring intently at Santini's son. It didn't take long for the main picture to go viral, with people sharing the picture on Facebook more than 15,000 times. Some people suspect that the photos are meant to send a message to his political rivals, but Santini says the photos were taken to promote the San Juan Wildlife Museum. On social media, it has people tweeting a triple response, "wrong, wrong, wrong," "yes, yes, yes," and "weird, weird, weird." Perhaps even more cryptic is the caption that reads, "That you may illuminate your dream this Christmas" in Spanish. Exactly what kind of dreams they are we'll leave to your imagination.

Charlie Sheen is in the news again. This time it's for making one of the oldest Twitter mistakes in the book: He tweeted his cell phone number to his 5.5 million followers. The tweet was meant to be a direct message to Twitter king Justin Bieber. It read, "310-954-7277 Call me bro. C." The tweet was retweeted by Sheen's followers hundreds of times. Sheen reportedly received 1,800 text messages in a matter of minutes, as well as hundreds of phone calls. Sheen even answered some of the calls saying, "Ray's Pizza" and "winning." When things got out of control and his phone wouldn't stop ringing and buzzing, he had the number disconnected. After all the hoopla, people are still asking why Sheen wanted to get in touch with Bieber. Was the tweet accidental or a publicity stunt? Only time will tell. We'd love to hear your theories. Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.