Math Teacher Uses New Rap Video to Connect with Students

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Math may not be everyone's favorite subject, but a teacher at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, has figured out a way to raise its popularity. Instead of hitting the chalkboard, Jake Scott began writing and filming math-themed rap songs to explain complex precalculus concepts. Suddenly, he found, his students were far more interested and connected to the material.

Scott, aka 2 Pi, has created raps that address the Pythagorean theorem and the quadratic formula. Says Scott, "I think we can preach to kids until they turn blue, but if there's no connection, then there's no response. I constantly search for ways to connect with students, with language, with conversations, with music."

"Undefined Expressions," Scott's latest video posted to YouTube, features his own adorable daughter and students from Blair High rapping about zero denominators.

Have you heard of any innovative tools that teachers use to engage their students?

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