Masked Vigilante’s Identity Revealed

Melissa Knowles

Many of us have dreamed of a masked crusader swooping in and saving the day: fighting crime, rescuing kittens from trees, and taking bad guys to jail. Well, something like this did recently happen, but with an unexpected twist.

A man dressed as Batman escorted a supposedly wanted man into a local police station in the UK and reportedly said, "Here you are. It's over to you now," to the police. Several images of the vigilante and the alleged criminal were captured by security cameras. The story became a global sensation, as people began wondering who the masked man was and whether there was going to be more crime-fighting events to come.

The masked crusader has now been revealed. His name is Stan Worby, and he's a 39-year-old Chinese-food delivery man. Worby revealed his identity on the British morning show "Daybreak."

It turns out that it was all a joke between him and his friend Danny Frayne. Worby and some friends were at a soccer game dressed in costumes. When Frayne asked Worby to drop him off at the police station so that he could turn himself in on fraud charges (he actually was wanted), Worby agreed, but he kept the costume on as a joke. Frayne was charged and will appear in court on Friday.

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