Marine’s Inspiring Visit to Boston Marathon Bomb Victims Brings Joy and Encouragement

Melissa Knowles
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Good is beginning to emerge from the shock, sadness and devastation caused by the Boston Marathon bombings. People who were injured are slowly recovering, and trying to return to a sense of normalcy. Mother and daughter duo Celeste and Sydney Corcoran are part of this collective effort.

Celeste, 47, lost both of her legs below the knee because of the blasts, and her daughter Sydney, 17, suffered near-fatal shrapnel wounds. As they lay recovering in the same hospital room at Boston Medical Center, they received a special and emotional visit from someone who can relate to the debilitating injuries that the women suffered: a United States Marine who lost both of his legs in combat.

He shared his experience with both ladies, offering words of encouragement and expressing how he knows what they're going through. "I'm telling you, with all my heart, you are going to be more independent than you ever were."

The Marine continued, "This is basically the start, you know, this is the new beginning for both of you, and you know so many opportunities are going to come your way. ... You've gotta have that positive attitude to really pull through."

Celeste even had the spirit to share a little joke about her condition and look on the bright side.

"I like to work out and stuff, but running's never been my thing because I always get the most horrible shin splints. So I was like, hey, I don't have shins anymore. I can do this."

The video was shot and uploaded to YouTube by Celeste's cousin, Alyssa Carter. If you want to help with Celeste and Sydney's recovery efforts, you can donate by visiting They have a goal set at $750,000, and more than $590,000 has been raised so far.

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