Maria Menounos Finding Out Who Her Real Friends Are Through New Reality Show

Ralphie Aversa
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In her book "The EveryGirl's Guide to Life," Maria Menounos advises readers to "shake the tree of the bad apples" every couple of years. The TV personality says sometimes friendships start off well but eventually change. Menounos is experiencing this again following the launch of her new reality TV show.

"When people in your life aren't talking about (the show) at all, and they're close to you, that's when you know, 'OK, well, we've hit a new level,'" the "Extra" host told us in an interview via Skype. "There are the people that want to grow with you, the people that are happy and root for your success. And then there are the people that don't. And sometimes they're even related to you, unfortunately."

Menounos did not name anyone specifically but made it clear that this has happened since "Chasing Maria Menounos" premiered on Oxygen.

"The people in my life who I thought I was close with that are not even mentioning the show — because there are those people — now I know where they stand," she continued. "You realize you've been faking things a lot for a long time."

According to Menounos, friends and family who have watched her new endeavor laugh at the antics of her father, Costas.

"He's the funniest human being on the planet," the TV host said. "Trust me, he is getting a return to his youth."

The show follows the professional and personal life of Menounos, from hosting "Extra" to living with her parents and boyfriend of over 15 years, Keven Undergaro. Oxygen is midway through airing the first season. There are no talks yet about a second.

Meanwhile Menounos will prepare to "shake the tree" again this summer. She has a new book set for release in June and will reportedly end her co-hosting role at "Extra" in the following month.