Man uses GoPro video to deliver a birthday surprise for his sister

Ralphie Aversa
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Nicolas Foubert missed his sister Cynthia's birthday last year because he was away from home. The Paris native spent 19 months and 15 days traveling the world. But this year, Nicolas decided to surprise Cynthia for her 19thbirthday with the help of YouTube and a GoPro camera.

The video begins with Nicolas standing on a beach in Guatemala. He explains how life is easy and his habitat is paradise, but he expresses regret over not seeing his sister as she turned 18.

"Last year I was not able to give you a proper gift due to the distance," he says in French, with English subtitles in the video. "This year I tried to do something better."

First Nicolas heads into the village, where children create and wrap a bracelet for him to give to his sister. He jokingly tries to stick the present through to the camera and then says he will use "another way" to get it to her.

With a GoPro 3 Black Edition, Nicolas then films his travels from Guatemala to Mexico and then over to Paris. Traveling via land, water, and air, Foubert witnesses a number of stunning landscapes over the roughly 6,000 miles that he travels. He includes these visuals in the video, set to Jack Johnson's song "I Got You."

Inside of the Foubert's Paris home, a camera records Cynthia with her family watching the video Nicolas made. At the end of the clip, Nicolas stands outside of the house and asks, "Will you open the door?"

Cynthia gets up and walks over to the entrance. She swings it open, and the family immediately rejoices and embraces Nicolas.

On her Facebook page, Cynthia posted a photo of the two hugging with a caption that expressed her gratitude.

"19 months and 15 days is a long time," she writes. "This is far and yet this is the time that it took to see you smile and take you in my arms! For my 19 y.o. (sic) you are my greatest gift, and I really would never dream better."