Man Trades Engagement Ring for Video Game Inspired Costume, Natalie Wood Case Re-Opened 30 Years Later

Melissa Knowles

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How do you mend a broken heart? Well, if you ask Eric Smith of Philadelphia, he'd tell you with a Master Chief armor costume from the video game Halo. Heartbroken after his girlfriend left him, Smith wanted nothing to do with the $2,000 canary-yellow diamond engagement ring he'd purchased for her. Smith, who runs the website Geekadelphia, enlisted the help of an artist on the handmade e-commerce site Etsy to create the 40-pound costume made of steel and fiberglass. Smith says he initially was unable to sell the ring in-person to anyone, so he looked to eBay. Smith said the "funds in his PayPal account warmed [his] heart for the most part, but lurked there reminding [him] of what he lost." So he "had to get rid of it." Smith says he'd always wanted the Halo Master Chief armor costume, but the cost of tuition and an engagement ring meant he could not afford it. He insists that the costume was not an impulse purchase, but a long time coming. Smith's costume, a year in the making, arrived in pieces over the course of eight months. Smith says that opening the shipments became an "unintentionally cathartic process." Friends find it ironic that he used the money from the ring to buy a suit of protection. However, Smith says he likes the Master Chief's story because he saved the human race. Smith says, "Whether you're a kid swearing at people on Xbox LIVE or a sad, grown man, he offers up the perfect escape into something extraordinary. He saved the human race and, consequently, saved me." People on social media are concerned about Smith, saying the costume will "make sure he stays single." But Smith counters, "Chicks dig armor."

One of Hollywood's most famous mysteries is getting a second look. Homicide detectives in Los Angeles are re-opening the investigation of Natalie Wood's death after nearly 30 years. The actress, who's best known for her roles in "West Side Story" and "Rebel Without a Cause," drowned in 1981 off Catalina Island near Southern California. On the night in question, police ruled that Wood had been on a yacht with her husband, Robert Wagner, and friends including her co-star Christopher Walken. Her death was ruled an accident, because at the time it was determined that Wood was "possibly attempting to board the dinghy and had fallen into the water, striking her face." Detectives are said to be taking another look at the case because new information has surfaced. Wood has been trending on Twitter since the news broke. Many people are tweeting their own speculation about what happened to Wood. One person tweeted, "I hope 30 yrs of injustice will finally be over."