Man Surveys Bad Dates to Ask What Went Wrong

Melissa Knowles

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A lot of people have bad first dates. That's nothing new. Not everyone emails a survey afterward to find out why it went wrong, but that is exactly what 24-year-old Michael Stolar does. The Philadelphia finance worker sends "dating response forms" -- a tongue-in-cheek ploy -- to women after going out with them.

Stolar has so far sent six women the date survey email. He's received two responses. The title of one email is a quote from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet": "Good night! Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow."

The survey contains several humorous multiple-choice and essay questions such as "Please rate Mike's outfit on a scale of 1-10, with a higher score associated with how much you wanted to take the outfit off." Another question references his physical appearance: "Mike is very self-conscious about his hair. Does he have any reason to be?" Reaction to Stolar's unorthodox romantic data collection has been mostly negative, with one woman responding, "Mike dresses like an old man and wears suspenders more than he should," and another woman said Stolar had the manners of a 5-year-old.

However, a few women found the survey and Stolar's sense of humor hysterical. Some who heard his story have even asked him out on a date.

In his defense, Stolar said, "dating is now presented as women fending off creepy guys searching for the one normal guy out of two dozen 'creepy finance guys.'" Stolar insists that he is not creepy.

While his questionnaire might border on the bizarre, Stolar is enjoying his 15 minutes of Web notoriety and has quite the sense of humor about the Web's reaction. Plus, he thinks the survey responses provide invaluable information. Stolar, who admits that he's "terrible with women," said this "couldn't possibly hurt the downward spiral that is my love life."


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