Man Surprises Girlfriend with Online Wedding Proposal with Help from ‘The Knot’

Melissa Knowles
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One of the most popular wedding-planning websites, known to brides all over America, is -- as in tying the knot. One would think that most couples who use the services that the Knot provides are already engaged before joining the website and building their profile, but that is not always the case.

Jerid Hedrick decided that the Knot could be incorporated into his proposal, and with the company's help, he planned an elaborate proposal for his girlfriend, Lacey, who he knew was a huge fan of the site. Hedrick started taping Lacey using the site, asking her why she so frequently visited it. Lacey says in one of the videos, "'Cause it has so much stuff. I don't have to visit 20 different websites. It has everything on it."

So last week, the Knot's blog teased that a couple would be getting engaged on its website on Saturday. Hedrick's rollover banner appeared on Saturday, with him dressed in a suit on bended knee, asking Lacey to marry him. On top of that, the message asked her to turn around. Hedrick recorded the offline moment when Lacey turns around and he is on bended knee in person asking for her hand in marriage.

He told the Knot that he had decided to do his proposal this way because he and Lacey are "two people so in love they want the best for each other and want the world to know it." Thanks to that very public proposal, there's no doubt that a lot of people are aware of the couple's affection for one another. By the way, Lacey said yes. So now the real wedding planning can begin.

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