Man Says Goodbye to His Beard with Epic Photo Project

Mia Fitzharris
Man Says Goodbye to His Beard with Epic Photo Project

Thanks to the rise in popularity of the latest mustache craze, men's facial hair has been a hot topic lately. A Reddit user who goes by the name Bartlebad started growing a full beard last Thanksgiving. About a month ago, he was ready to get rid of it, and he decided to do so in a fun way. Using Imgur and Reddit, he documented the many phases of his beard's final days. He titled the project "adventures in beard." First he had the entire beard braided. Then, paying homage to Blackbeard, the infamous pirate, he filled his beard with incense and lit it up. Next, he bleached the beard. And made it fluffy. He then took the beard for a dip in the water to try what he calls a "glamorous beard flip." Next, it was time to add some color. He picked pink and purple to go with his margarita.

The beard was then cut into chops, which, judging from the look on his face, Bartlebad did not seem to like too much. A hot-pink mustache was one of the beard's last looks. And then, for the grand finale, he said bye-bye to the beard for a clean-shaven look. Although he had put a lot of energy into his bearded looks, I prefer this final clean look.

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