Man's Subway Stunt Lands Job Interviews, Internet Fame

Zain Meghji
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It can be challenging to get an interview for a new job, especially straight out of college.

After applying for 300 jobs and not getting a single favorable response, one young man decided to take a different approach.

Alfred Ajani, 22, stood in a London subway station during rush hour with a sign that said he recently graduated with a 2.1 bachelor of honours degree in marketing and offered up his résumé.

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He posted a picture of himself holding the sign onto his Twitter page, which quickly gained hundreds of retweets, got him trending in London, and also brought in some promising prospects.

Ajani told us via Skype that at first, he was feeling nervous, but as he got more comfortable, more people approached him in the Waterloo subway station to take his résumé and give him some business cards.

He was able to secure a job interview right away, but the real impact happened when people started to retweet the picture that he posted. Companies have reached out to him via Twitter, email and LinkedIn. He's even enlisted the help of family and friends to help keep up with all the messages.

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If he were to do something differently, Alfred says he would have picked a different subway station, one with an even greater potential for business prospects.

Sometimes people get frustrated during the job hunting process, and Alfred found an interesting way to use social media to empower himself in his search.

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