Man Reunited with Missing Wallet After 54 Years

Henry Baker
Man Reunited with Missing Wallet After 54 Years

Losing a wallet is a pain. Whatever cash it may have held is gone, and tons of paperwork is required for replacing an ID and credit cards. It might even have contained something cherished like pictures of loved ones. Clarence Van Dyken lost his wallet, and he was lucky enough to get it back, but there was one small catch: He had to wait 54 years.

The story began when Aron Schut was doing some work on the insulation in his house after a flood. He discovered within the wall a leather wallet. Schut said, "What a strange place for a wallet. ... There was an I.D. in it and I recognized the name, it sounded familiar. ... So through a couple phone calls I was able to locate his son." Schut got in touch with Clare Van Dyken through his church. Clare confirmed the wallet to be his father's, and all that was left was the reveal.

Cameras were rolling as Clarence Van Dyken was given back the wallet he had lost over five decades ago. Amazed, he said, "Well, I'll be cow-kicked." Naturally, a wallet that old contained some interesting items. Two dollar bills, with one dated 1935, remained. There were pictures of family members, addresses of friends, and even a grocery list for watermelon and milk. Another mystery was born from one last item, though: a piece of paper with a combination to a lockbox that Van Dyken cannot remember the location of. We will be sure to look out for updates. The discovery of $2 is rarely so priceless.

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