Man Reunited with Dog After Identifying Her by Her Bark

Melissa Knowles
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When a family pet goes missing, it's heart-wrenching for the owners. Not knowing where the beloved pet is and if it will return home safely can cause extreme anguish and heartache. For those who depend on animals not just for companionship, but also for assistance with daily routines, losing a pet can be that much more difficult.

When Shane Wilson's dog, Lucy, jumped out of the back of his pickup truck in Commerce, Ga., he figured he might never see her again. Wilson's home is 30 miles from the spot where Lucy went missing. So he drove the stretch of road every day for six days in search of her. He almost gave up, but then he got a phone call: Two women told him that they thought they had found Lucy.

Becky Davis and Tiffany Scoggins were having breakfast at a restaurant when they saw the dog, and they walked down a freeway exit ramp to get her. Even though Wilson had posted fliers all over Commerce about his missing dog, Davis and Scoggins were unaware of who she was. The two women took Lucy to a veterinarian, and the vet knew exactly who she was.

When Wilson got the call, he was hopeful, but hesitant to completely believe Lucy had been found because he'd had so many false reports. Wilson had the vet get Lucy to bark, and then he was sure. Not only is Wilson happy to have his companion back, but to have his little helper back: Lucy is a service dog who helps Wilson when he falls, and she also opens doors for him. Wilson lost his right leg after a motorcycle accident five years ago, and walks with a prosthetic leg.

"God sent us two angels today," Wilson said of Davis and Scoggins. The women would not accept the $500 reward that was offered, instead saying that just seeing the reunion of Wilson and Lucy was "worth a million dollars," and they added, "it made our day."

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