Man Quits Job With A Bang and A Celeb Gets Kicked Out of An Apple Store

Adriana Diaz

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When a Rhode Island man named Joey decided to quit his job at the Marriott Hotel in Providence, he decided to go out with a bang. Instead of scheduling a private meeting with his boss to give his two weeks' notice like most people, he asked 19 of his friends to help him deliver the news. Those friends also happened to be part of a marching band! After Joey yelled "I quit" to his boss, trumpets roared and cymbals smashed as the group blared its way out of the hotel. See the video. Joey, who had worked at the hotel for more than 3 years, says he quit because management refused to recognize the union he tried to organize. While most people on social media love the video, one person said, "I hope he doesn't want a good referral for his next job." This isn't the first epic quit to captivate social media. Remember the JetBlue flight attendant who quit while on the job and then exited a plane via the emergency slide? Or the guy who quit his Taco Bell job by posting "I quit" on the billboard outside. Or the Whole Foods resignation letter read 'round the world that we told you about this summer on Trending Now? Which is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

Customers who waited in line for the iPhone 4S at a Las Vegas Apple Store found themselves in a little bit of a situation. On Sunday, MTV reality star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino tried to cut in line to get the coveted iPhone 4S. Reality star or not, Sorrentino didn't get the celebrity treatment he was probably expecting. Apple swiftly gave the "Jersey Shore" "bro" the boot. The story went viral when @laurennmcc, who was at the scene, tweeted, "one of my former apple compatriots just kicked the situation out of an Apple store for trying to cut in line for a 4S. HE IS MY HERO." The Situation coined the term "GTL," which describes his routine of going to the gym, going tanning, and then doing his laundry. Maybe he can expand that to "GTLC" for gym, tan, laundry, and cut in line.