Man Mowing Lawn of National Mall is a Big Hit on the Web

Henry Baker

People go to crazy lengths to get famous on the Web, but sometimes just a simple act will do it. Chris Cox became a sensation overnight, after simply mowing the lawn. Well, it wasn't just any lawn . Cox spent part of Wednesday, lawn mower and chainsaw in hand, doing upkeep on areas of the National Mall that had overgrown in the 10 days since the government shut down. Cox mowed the lawn outside the Lincoln Memorial and then used his chainsaw to cut up a large tree branch that had fallen onto a pathway. Park police let him work for a while but asked him to stop after a few hours for liability reasons. Cox said he wasn't doing the work for political reasons. He was trying to spruce up the area in preparation for this weekend's Million Vet March. Regardless of the intent, he has become a sensation on the Web. Commenters said of him, "I would vote him into Congress," with others calling him a "true patriot."

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