Man Mistakenly Receives 7-Foot-Long Slipper and MC Hammer Makes a Comeback (Kind Of)

Adriana Diaz

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Don't you hate ordering something online and getting the wrong size in the mail? So does Tom Boddingham. The 6-foot-7 Londoner needs two different shoe sizes: 13 for one foot and 14.5 for the other. But due to a decimal error at the Chinese factory that manufactures the slippers he ordered online, instead of getting a size 14.5, he got a size 1,450! But he got a good deal. The shoe company charged Boddingham the regular $25 price. Apparently, the company thought the slipper was for a window display. It apologized to Boddingham and is sending him a normal-sized replacement. Wondering what he'll do with a 7-foot-long slipper? He says he's going to sell it on eBay. But this does ask the question: is this story just a PR stunt? Monster Slippers holds that the the story is true, but some digging by The Guardian seems to poke some holes in this slipper mix-up. And even if the story is fake, one Tweeter put it best by saying, "I don't want to live in a world where we have to be skeptical of a man-sized monster slipper."

One of the newest tech entrepreneurs to burst onto the scene at San Francisco's Web 2.0 summit is MC Hammer. The rapper turned preacher turned Web entrepreneur took the stage to announce his new search engine called WIREdoo. According to Hammer, it's a "deep search engine" that will contextualize searches. For example, if someone searches for a specific car, WIREdoo will pull up the model, mileage, and specs. He says, "It's about relationships beyond just the keywords." The search engine is still in the pre-testing phase, (though it almost sounds too legit). The announcement has MC Hammer trending on Twitter with one person wondering, "MC Hammer has a new search engine, Justin Timberlake has myspace. Not sure what to make of this." Well maybe WIREdoo can help. What do you think of Hammer's new endeavor? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!