Man Makes Cute-Couple Photos- By Himself

Henry Baker
August 14, 2013

You've seen them before. Couples, out on dates or hanging out at home or, you know, wherever, snapping photos of each other with sweet captions. And don't get me wrong, it can be sweet and cute — but sometimes it inspires groans, or even downright jealousy from single folks. For the envious out there, one Instagram user has the perfect, and possibly creepiest, solution. Keisuke Jinushi has mastered the art of making what is essentially a selfie look like a photo of someone spending time with the one he or she loves.

Jinushi's technique is basic but pretty hilarious. He puts light foundation on his right hand, paints his nails, and puts a frilly scrunchy on his wrist. Voilà, instant female hand. Then, inserting that hand into the selfies he is taking, he is able to create the illusion of someone feeding him treats, pinching his cheeks, and drawing on him in his sleep. He even details how he achieves these photos on his blog[YI2] . Check out his Instagram account yourself if you want a good laugh. Maybe this newfound fame will guarantee that he can have someone else's hand entering his 'grams sometime soon.

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