Man Jokingly Dubs Himself ‘World’s Best Father’ In Digital Scrapbook

Melissa Knowles

The traditional pastime of making scrapbooks used to include assembling photos and keepsakes that documented someone's accomplishments and adventures. Those types of mementos definitely still exist, but Dave Engledow, father to toddler Alice Bee, has put his creative -- and wry -- spin on a digital scrapbook to archive his daughter's growth.

Engledow named his photo series 'World's Best Father' -- a tongue-in-cheek name -- and said the series is "a parody of the father I hope I never become -- distracted, self-absorbed, neglectful, clueless, or even occasionally overbearing." Engledow, who has a degree in photojournalism, describes himself as an amateur and says he is doing the project so that Alice Bee will have "something that I can give to her that she'll look back on and treasure."

Engledow says the project is a fun way to share photos of his daughter on Facebook without producing a timeline that's flooded with generic baby pictures. He hopes that the series will appeal to moms, dads, and nonparents, alike.

The Washington, D.C.-based father came up with the idea when he and his wife took their first picture with Alice Bee. He said he wanted to poke fun at how sleep-deprived and clueless he looked as a new first-time father. So he included the "World's Best Father" coffee mug in the shot as a joke. The mug has since become the running joke of the photo series.

What makes the pictures stand out are the funny, odd poses that Engledow and Alice Bee are in. There's a picture of Engledow sipping from the mug on the couch, lifting his legs and pointing to a dust mite on the carpet as little Alice Bee pushes a vacuum cleaner that is easily two to three times her size. Another photo shows the dynamic duo arm wrestling, with both dad and toddler struggling to win. Engledow says that to come up with the creative images, he and Alice Bee pose separately. He then uses photo-editing software to digitally manipulate the pictures to make the situations seem more perilous or absurd than they actually are.

So far, his series is a hit.

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