Man Demonstrates 105 Impressions in 6.5 Minute Video

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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"Who aren't you?"

That's a better question to ask impressionist Quinton Kappel than the more often heard "Who are you?" "Why?" you might ask. Well, because the answer is likely to be much, much shorter. You see, Kappel recently uploaded a video to YouTube that shows him blazing through 105 impersonations of memorable movie and television characters in an impressive and highly entertaining six and a half minutes. While the sheer volume and range alone are impressive, Kappel is actually pretty spot-on with most of the characters.

According to his website, the real man behind the vocal masks is "23 years old and a senior at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts studying Illustration and Film. He's been a production artist at game developer Creat Studios as well as a bartender in Boston. Though he'd like to be a wizard or a Jedi, he'll settle for entertaining people with art and movies. Quinton has found success in directing, performing and co-writing many projects both live and staged and has been a freelance artist for several years. He's mostly funny but he's also serious sometimes. He enjoys sarcasm, chocolate milk and vigilante justice. He's been a finalist in a rap battle and one time he ate 15 Maryland Blue Crabs in a row. He currently lives in Boston."

While the impressions are all great, below are some of my personal favorites from the 105:

3. Stewie ("Family Guy")

4. Krusty the Clown ("The Simpsons")

16. Donkey ("Shrek")

17-18. Miss Piggy & Kermit ("The Muppet Show")

19. Joker ("The Dark Knight")

23. Stitch ("Lilo & Stitch")

42. Roger the Alien ("American Dad")

44. Dr. Evil ("Austin Powers")

53. Bane ("The Dark Knight Rises")

56. Homestar ("Homestar Runner")

76. Maester Pycelle ("Game of Thrones")

95. Puss in Boots ("Puss in Boots")

Which ones did you enjoy most? Got some top-class impressions of your own? Share them with us on our Facebook page. Or hit me on Twitter: @ali_nejad.