Man Creates 'Harry Potter'-Themed Marriage Proposal for Muggle Wife

Henry Baker
September 23, 2013

There are so many fans of "Harry Potter" out there that crowning a champion would be impossible. But honorable mention would have to go to JaysinOsterkamp, a wedding cinematographer in the Chicago area. He came up with a marriage proposal scavenger hunt that you might expect to find on the other side of Platform 9 3/4.

Beginning with a surprise from one of Osterkamp's associates at home, Andrea Tyler began the hunt with an envelope, much like the one Harry received inviting him to Hogwarts in the first place. The letter within gave way to more clues, each leading to a different place.

There was a custom-made video, and trips to such varied locations as the freezer, the DVD shelves, the library, a local restaurant, and even the mystical world of the UPS Store. The adventure culminates in a romantic meetup at the couple's favorite bar, where a hardcover "Potter" book yielded a ring inside. Let's hope they celebrated this truly magical gesture with some mugs of butterbeer.

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