Man Compiles 10 Months of Travel into Stunning Video Full of 1 Second Snippets

Henry Baker

When going on a trip, many of us try to capture treasured memories with photographs, videos, or notes. Michal Mikolaj Wojtunik had a different idea, and it's one we've never seen done quite this way before. He took a 10-month trip to locations including Krakow, Poland; London, England; and Chanthaburi, Thailand; and recorded 1-second videos from hundreds of moment along the way. The footage ranges from beautiful exterior vistas to close-ups of sushi and tea to the many friendly faces Wojtunik met en route. The video works so well because each second is evocative, and we as viewers really get the feeling that we are also remembering moments from an epic trip. The Drake-remixed Lykke Li song only adds to its moving nature. The video has now received more than half a million views, with commenters writing glowingly about Wojtunik's work. One person wrote, "This video has reminded me what life should be all about ... living it!" We hope the young man takes another trip and shares it with us soon.


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