Man Becomes Impromptu Matador Against Escaped Bull

Melissa Knowles

Seriously. We could not make this stuff up even if we wanted to. A wild bull got loose in Malaga, Spain, caused all kinds of panic, and created quite the chaotic scene. The 440-pound bull escaped from a truck onto a busy street. That's when the street became an impromptu arena, except there was no bullfighting. For more than an hour, the bull was ramming into cars, perhaps in frustration and confusion. That's when a passer-by jumped in to take a video of the action.

A man who happened to be wearing a red T-shirt (matadors use a red cape; could this be a coincidence?) is charged by the bull. The man tries to tackle the animal to the ground as other men rush in to help him subdue the bull. The man was able to hold the bull in a headlock until the national police arrived. Once the police were on the scene, they secured the bull's legs with rope. One officer was injured and four cars sustained some damage during the ordeal.

The entire scene unfolded Monday morning. No further information has been reported about the bull. The bull is believed to be around 2 years old. His little escapade definitely takes the phrase terrible twos to a whole new level.

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