Main Attraction at Atlanta’s BeltLine Is a Cat Named ‘Piper’

Melissa Knowles

It's not just the new paths for runners, cyclists, and walkers that have visitors to Atlanta's BeltLine area so excited to visit. Sure, enthusiasts of the new and improved outdoor spaces are hoping that it will lead to future developments all over the city, but the main attraction at the Eastside Trail is a black cat, affectionately called "Piper."

Piper the cat has staked a claim on a drainpipe along the trail, and she has quickly gained fans, who regularly stop by to bring the furry feline food, love, and fan mail, which they call "Tail Mail." There is even a tiny homemade mailbox placed near the pipe for people to leave Piper notes.

One person stopped by to see Piper, but was not able to see her, and they left a note promising to return. Part of the note read, "I'm sorry we missed you. Your home looks lovely."

If you are now a fan of Piper, but you do not live in Atlanta and do not plan on visiting anytime soon, there is no need to worry. You can keep up with Piper's happenings on Facebook and Twitter. That's right — it should come as no surprise that this popular feline has a Web presence. Piper's social media presence encourages fans to "Stay frisky, my friends." And if you're planning on stopping by, do not come empty-handed. Be a friend and bring some food. Piper said she'll be offering "pawbumps."

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