Magician releases Magic for Dogs sequel

Ralphie Aversa

Is the sequel better than the original? You be the judge, as the second installment of "Magic for Dogs" has hit the Internet.

Finnish magician Jose Ahonen is behind the series. The magician's first video, which we covered on March 24, has been viewed more than 11 million times. In the original piece, Ahonen tricks dogs into thinking he is going to give them a treat, only to make the biscuit "disappear."

"I'm very surprised," Ahonen told us, referring to the first video's view count. "I was thinking more like 10,000. I think the idea is simple, and you can find it funny in different cultures. It doesn't have a language barrier."

Ahonen uploaded the latest video to YouTube on Tuesday. If you loved the first video, you will probably enjoy this one too. Once again, it is not so much the magic itself but rather the dogs' reactions to the magic that has people tuning in. Initially, the dogs are a bit puzzled as the treat disappears before their very eyes. Also like the first piece, Ahonen notes in the video's description that "all the dogs got treats before and after the trick."

"In my opinion the videos support my idea of the fact that the magician is not the main character in magic," explained Ahonen on his website. "The magic happens in the audience. I think my task as a magician is to show something different and open new perspectives. … And these videos prove that magic works even with dogs."

The best response to Ahonen's antics might be at the end of the video from a dog named Aijai. As soon as the biscuit vanishes, Aijai stops dead in his tracks and looks up at the magician. He then jumps on Ahonen and attempts to break free from the person holding his leash.

"I was just fooling around with my own dog, and I like try different things and vanish things, and I found it to be fun," the magician told us, explaining how he came up with the idea. "The reactions were hilarious. After that, I thought maybe we could film this with a lot of dogs, and it might be funny as well. It seems that it is."

Ahonen's friends own all of the dogs featured in the videos, which were both shot on the same day. "Magic for Dogs part 2" currently has about 460,000 views.