Macaulay Culkin Eats Slice of Pizza in YouTube Video, and That's It.

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Macaulay Culkin is trending today, and it has nothing to do with the time of year and movie series that most people still know him for.

In an apparent ode to artist Andy Warhol, Culkin uploaded a video to YouTube of himself eating a slice of pizza. It is literally titled, “Macaulay Culkin Eating a Slice of Pizza,” and literally features the child star gobbling down the food with pepper as his choice flavoring.

In 1981, Warhol ate a burger on camera. The artist downed it with a side of ketchup in less than three minutes.

There are obvious similarities to the two videos: both struggle to use the dispenser for their respective condiments. The actor goes as far to mimic Warhol’s line, “It’s not coming out,” as he attempts to put pepper on his pizza. The “eating” in each video begins around the 40-second mark in both. Warhol and Culkin are meticulous in the process by which they prepare and then consume their food. After unwrapping the burger and removing its top bun, Warhol places the ketchup on the side instead of on the bread. Culkin tears off the crust, and eventually discards it completely.

Each piece clocks in around four and a half minutes total. At the end of both videos, the food items are crumpled up in a paper bag and a conclusive line is said.

“My name is Andy Warhol and I just finished eating a hamburger.”

“My name is Macaulay Culkin and I just finished pizza.”

While Warhol’s film had observatory and artistic value, Culkin’s might serve an additional purpose: he is currently in a band called The Pizza Underground. The New York City-based outfit covers Velvet Underground songs.