Luckiest Couple in the World Dodges Flying Concrete at Building Demolition

Mia Fitzharris
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Have you ever watched a building get demolished? I think it goes without saying that being near tons of falling metal and concrete is dangerous, but be that as it may, people still show up to observe such an event. There's a new video showing how one lucky couple in the Czech Republic avoided a catastrophic situation when a chunk of concrete came flying toward them as they watched the controlled explosion of an old clothing factory. The video switches from regular speed to slow motion to offer a good look at how the chunk gets flung from the building site, bounces on the ground, and flies extremely close to their heads. Surprisingly, no one around them appears to be fazed by what just happened. The two are being hailed as the luckiest people in the world, so perhaps they should go play the lotto.

A second video from the scene gives a better view of the man's face, but the concrete rock also appears to be smaller. This led to a few commenters suspecting that the video is fake. But one commenter notes, "The [camera] perspective makes it look a lot bigger than it actually is." Although the couple that dodged the concrete seems to be fine, the end of that video shows someone with a gash on his hand presumably caused by the flying object.

So if you're ever at a building demolition, wear a protective hardhat and gloves!

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